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Frequently asked questions.

How much does a custom website cost?

A fully customized website starts from just € 300. We notice that the average, "build from scratch" projects often amount to around € 3000 for an extensive custom website with various functionalities. However, don't be put off by high amounts. Small simple websites can often be realized under € 1000.

Curious about what costs you should be thinking about? Please feel free to contact us or request a quote.

How much does an custom webshop cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, but also one of the most complicated. There are so many variables that can influence a total price.

For a fully tailor-made Woocommerce webshop you usually end up around € 4500. For a full custom Magento webshop you should think on average about € 7500, -. However, there are many options to drastically reduce these costs. The costs depend on the complexity of the webshop, custom options and functionalities and possible integrations with external systems.

Curious about what costs you should be thinking about? Please feel free to contact us or submit a quotation request. Then we''l map out your requirements together.

Are you also taking over existing websites?

Yes that is certainly possible! There are a few things that needs to be arranged though. The most significant thing is that your current developer is available to make a complete website export.

Further development is also possible after we have taken it under our technical management. However, we will have to investigate how the site was set up by the previous company. Curious about the possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you guys use plugins and extensions?

We try to avoid using plugins and extensions as much as possible... Why?

  • Plugins are often poorly optimized and have a lot of bloat which makes your website run slow.

  • Makes it more complex to update your website.

  • Makes your website more vulnerable to hacks and malware.

But we do use a couple of thoroughly tested plugins.

Do you make API connections with our (accounting )systems?

Sure we do! We can connect to a variety of 3rd parties via API. As long as the 3rd party supports it. Think accounting systems, reservations and bookings, stock management tools and many more.

How do i migrate my website to another host?

We use open source platforms web design frameworks and CMS's, which means that your website can be easily transferred to another developer or web host. Your website or web shop becomes your property if you have fulfilled the payment obligation in full, even if it includes our web customization. So you are free to go wherever you like!

We would like to enter into a long-term partnership with you. If there is a reason that you prefer to go to another partner, we can offer support in switching to the relevant party.

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