Not just web design.

Everything you'll ever need to online exceed. From web design to web hosting. We offer a wide variety of web design and optimization services. We work with companies of all sizes, from sole proprietorship to multinational.


API Connections

We connect things: accounting systems, ticketing systems, reservation/booking systems and much more. Vuewer makes custom connections via API between separate systems, so you can focus on what is really important.

Themes & Templates

Do you want to develop a custom theme for your Wordpress, Magento or other CMS? Vuewer develops beautiful, very fast themes and templates according to specification. Built entirely from scratch with desired functionalities and styling.

Web applications

Need a specialized plugin or extension to organize your event or, for example, have an online product customizer? Whatever you need, Vuewer builds it at a very competitive rate and as a reusable component.


Custom webshops with the focus on conversion, modern design and with all the advanced features that the major online retailers also use. Remarketing, Abandoned carts, Coupons, Affiliate marketing and much, much more.


Modern designed websites built with the latest technology on a CMS of your choice or coded entirely from scratch according to your specification. Easily transferable to a new developer through systematically constructed code.


Security Audits

Are you not completely sure whether your website complies with the correct security or have you recently had a leak? Vuewer will check whether everything is safe and locked down.

Hacks & Malware

A hacked website can be very pesky, but also dangerous for your business. Vuewer is an expert in the field of website security and will have your website completely clean again in no time.


Do you suffer from unwanted reactions, form submissions and website posts? We ensure that these spammers no longer have access to your website.



Do you want to generate more conversions through your website? Our experts are happy to look with you where quick earnings can be achieved in order to optimize conversions.

Scripts & Assets

We ensure that your website performs optimally by optimizing all static files and only loading them where they are required.

Search Engine

With SEO (search engine optimization) we ensure that Google and other search engines can properly understand your site through keyword research and smart techniques such as structured data.

Server & Hosting

We will inspect your current hosting provider, server hardware and configuration to find any bottlenecks in your websites performance.


CMS Update

Do you have a somewhat outdated CMS and would you like to use the latest features and / or security updates? We update your website to the latest version of your CMS and ensure that everything continues to work.

Plugin & Extention update

Updating specialized or custom plugins can be "tricky" and can cause quite a few problems on your website. We are happy to help you troubleshoot and update these plugins.

Website Migration

Have you grown out of your old jacket and does your website need to be safely moved to another server? Vuewer ensures that it is moved without any downtime.

Web Hosting

Wordpress Hosting

Vuewer has set up Wordpress specific, highly optimized servers completely focused on the optimal hosting of Wordpress websites and with competitive rates.

Server Level Caching

Server-level caching can have a major impact on the performance of your website. We are happy to help you implement Varnish and / or Redis on your server.

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